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Tatu Marchesan 8013 GAPM HD

Tatu Marchesan8013 GAPM HD

Working width 7 to 15 feet

The Model8013 GAPM HD is specifically designed to meet the extreme conditions in construction, road building, deep tillage, tilling new ground and recently deforested land.

Standard Features

  • Tatu oil bath bearing assemblies with tapered roller blade and duo-cone seals
  • 1/2" x 5" x 10" gang carriers, reinforced through two welded "U" profile
  • 2 1/2" round heat treated alloy steel gang axles
  • Cast spacer spools
  • Heat treated boron steel disk blades, notched front and rear
  • Heavy duty disk blade scrapers
  • Stabilizer bar front and rear disk gangs leveling
  • Preforated offset bar to allow lateral adjustments under varying draft conditions
  • Box type construction drawbar with standard drawbar plates
  • Adjustable gang axles up to 42 degrees
  • Removable bushings on articulated points

Optional Features

  • Furrow filter


Number of Disk BladesWorking Width
ft. in. (mm)
Disk Blade DimensionsDisk Blade SpacingWeigth per Disk
lbs (kg)
Approx Net Weight*
lbs (kg)
Tractor Drawbar Horsepower**
105' 10"
36" x 12mm673 (305)6,733 (3,054)130 - 140
127' 3"
38" x 12mm17 5/16"625 (283)7,500 (3,402)145 - 155
1610' 2"
and(440mm)660 (299)10,553 (4,787)205 - 220
2013' 1"
40" x 12mm660 (299)13,198 (5,986)260 - 280
*Approximate Net Weight with 36" x 12mm disk blades
**Please note that the tractor drawbar horsepower are suggested ranges and vary according to soil conditions and weight


Tatu Duro Mark Oil Bath Bearing Assemblies
Ruggedly Built for Longer Life

Click here to learn about the technology in our Tatu oil bath bearing assemblies, used as components for our disk harrows and plows. With feature such as dual tapered roller bearings and our duo-cone seals we can ensure our products operate under the most adverse conditions.

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 15 December, 2006.
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